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Small Business Saturday 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020
Small Business Saturday 2020

Recently, what has become a trend for some people is how to get money from the internet, why not, besides being easy and simple to do in your spare time. Small Business Saturday 2020

many people prefer to play gadgets just to play online games when they have free time, even though that time can be used to earn money. and this time I will discuss how to get money from the internet.

Maybe for some people, they already understand and understand how the internet works for the field of business, it has even been used as a job, there are many ways we can do on the internet to get rupiah coffers, how to get money from the internet is quite easy. Small Business Saturday 2020

One of them is by creating video content, writing articles, playing applications or games that pay us and we can live stream games on social media platforms that pay us, it might seem trivial or absurd but this is what happened.

But how to get money from the internet is of course not instant, all it takes a process and hard work, but if we are consistent everyone will reap the results.With today's sophistication of technology, we can work from home only with a smartphone, and here are some applications and ways to get money from the fastest internet that can be done only with a smartphone and an internet connection.

The fastest way to make money from the internet without capital.
Small Business Saturday 2020

1. YouTube

YouTube is a social media and information platform that is devoted to various videos, by making video content we can make money, only by uploading videos of content creators or commonly called YouTubers can make money. get smart the Small Business Saturday 2020

Of course before starting you must have a YouTube account first and to register for a YouTube account it is free or free.

How to get money from the internet via Youtube you also need to be careful before becoming a YouTube creator or partner, you must comply and understand what content is allowed and what is prohibited because if you violate it is likely to be banned by an account, it's useless not the effort made if in the end your account gets banned.

Things that must be avoided are pornographic content, provocation, gambling, re-uploading of people's videos or more details, you can read in the partner's policy.

And there are several requirements and policies that video creators must agree to, for example the number of subscribers and viewing hours that must reach the target.

After everything reaches the new target, we register our YouTube with Google Adsense and are approved by YouTube's media partner.

2. Blogger

Blogger is also a media platform that can generate rupiah coffers. How to get money from the internet is the same as YouTube creators upload their work, but bloggers are more dominant in articles and images.

The content that is made varies, including news, tutorials, technology and more, of course there are requirements that must be approved and obeyed.

And to register with blogger, you are free of charge because Google provides it for free, but you can upgrade your blog yourself, for example, hosting and domains, you can buy on sites that provide hosting services or official domains.

After successfully creating a blog you have to make articles and upload them consistently after you have quite a lot of traffic, you can sign up for Google Adsense to start earning rupiah.

In the world of blogging, of course there are program policies that you must know and avoid, such as the prohibition of copying or reuploading people's articles, types of content such as porn, gambling and so on, in the world of blogging like this it is strictly prohibited or banned, waiting if you violate.

However, if you like writing, you can sell articles to other creators and get instant money, but the articles are certainly not copy-and-paste, and pass the plagiarism check.

3. Reward application

Rewarded applications are applications that pay us if we use them and complete missions, such as surveys, downloading applications and playing games, many applications or games on the play store that can make money, for more details you can search in my article. Small Business Saturday 2020

I previously discussed how to make money from the Buzzbreak application and how to make dollars from the Fitplay application

Download the application on the play store then log in with your Gmail account or phone number then complete a mission or survey and get rewarded. how to get money from the internet is quite risky because of the many cloning applications or scam applications.

To withdraw funds, you can create a paypal or bank account, but not all applications provide payment media with paypal and bank, so first make sure you have a wallet or an account to accept payments.

And make sure before downloading the application you see reviews or look for information first from other users so that the application you are playing is not SCAM or proven to be paying.

4. Facebook

Facebook is a social media that has many users, maybe some Facebook users don't know the potential to make money from Facebook, just like YouTube how to make money from Facebook must also meet the requirements.

The thing that is mandatory for how to get money from the internet via Facebook is having to have a Facebook page or fanspage, and to make this fanspage is free after creating a fanspage first then entering the fanpage creator and fulfilling requirements such as the number of likes and followers to start fanpage monetization and starting. make money.

You can upload short videos or pictures, you can even promote your products or business on the fanpage. Small Business Saturday 2020

5. Shortlink

Shortlink is a URL / Link shortener application, with this application we can shorten URLs and how to get money from the internet through this application is a reward per click, so every LInk we cut gets a click, we also get a reward.

But usually this application is used by bloggers or YouTubers to shorten their URL address before posting the content, this makes creators get extra results, and for this type of application it is very suitable for blog downloads.

The above are only some of the ways to get money from the internet, there are still many ways you can do as long as they are consistent because your efforts will not betray the results. Everything needs a process, Small Business Saturday 2020

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